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Beijing 2008 Olympic Games completed successfully August 27, 2008

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As a Chinese, I am proud to witness the successful completion of the Olympic Games.

Of course, I am grateful to see the numbers of medals gained historical high. But I am more happy to share the vision of a new era that China has demonstrated its openness, fairness and friendliness to all the people on Earth.

I believe throughout this event, people will change their stereotype of Chinese people and the PRC government. I am not going to discuss any ideology between Capitalism and Socialism, nor Democracy stuff like that. But now I can see China nationals are civilized and matured over the camera. No matter you are tourists visiting Beijing this summer, or just sitting in front of TV to watch the games, I hope you can sense the same feelings that China is not that so secretive, so dirty, so autocratic. These are negative images imposing by many mainstream western presses or media. I believe China government’s target investment is not only on the infrastructure, but it is also a giant PR show to negate the long-term stereotypes. Worth for it or not? We will see in future diplomatic follow-ups.

Regarding the exceeding expectation of Gold medals gained, I am less than excited than I should be since somehow it was expected. Frankly, Chinese have occupied 1/4 of the earthlings, the number of medals over the population is relatively very small. Well, I have to give my compliments to all the athletics for their remarkable performance. I was really excited when I witnessed Phelps’ 8 record-breaking moments as well as Bolt’s incredible victories.

Matthias Steiner of Germany, and his passed-away wife

Matthias Steiner of Germany, and his passed-away wife

Everyone has their stories. One of the most sensational is from Matthias Steiner(Germany/ex-Austrian)
He might not be a hero in his home country. However, with all the loves, efforts and courage, he gained his glory back in another place which accepted him and offer him the chance. Losing respect from your home people? losing the one you love? Adversities can impact a man, but also can drive miracle. Nothing is impossible, he is a good icon for Adidas! Well Done! 


After the Beijing Olympic, we originally want to decommission the Beijing 2008 helper from App Store. However, we found that this may still be useful to those visiting Beijing. So we still leave it available. If you are interested in getting a helper app for the coming Paralympic games, please wait for our new Paralympic2008 helper which has already submitted to Apple for review. Hopefully available at the end of this week.



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