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January 13, 2009

Posted by naughtynuts in Announcement, iPhone App.

ChangJie Browser icon Dear guys, with the success of Chinese input code dictionary, we have submitted another application called 倉頡網上遊. This is a browsing tool allowing user to enter Chinese using ChangJie and JianYi. At the same time, users are still possible to switch back to the build in input methods.

The reason we build this application is because we have some painful experience using the iPhone to do some Chinese input. Maybe it was because our writing was not good enough, but some characters were hardly recognized by the system. As Cantonese speaking HK people, Pinyin input would be a bit far away. Therefore, we make this app to help the people facing the same problem as us. 

Here are some screen shots:


Frankly, there are some jailbreak applications already doing similar things. But do you dare to risk your private data together with software from some suspicious sources? Maybe the original apps were created in good intention, but you never know if anyone has tempered with the original one to keep a copy of your passwords for later use! We believe App Store provide a trusted environment for user to enjoy safe applications.



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