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About us

We are well experienced solution providers in enterprise application development, providing online or internal services. We provide services on project management, application architecting, design and implementation.

With this background, we founded a new team to provide mobile solutions. In just 1 week time, we are happy to complete our first product, the Beijing2008 Olympic Helper, which is now available on the iPhone App Store worldwide, a remarkable download volume in the first week.

No matter as a marketing medium or as a sales channel, the App Store has been proven a marvelous platform. We are going to explore more exciting applications in the future. If you have some great idea and need help to implement, we are grateful hear from you.



1. feon - August 19, 2008

good job. i like it. thx a lot!

2. Pierre - February 4, 2009

how do i go from a text message dragon note to paste or copy

naughtynuts - February 4, 2009

When you are editing the text, press and hold from the starting position, the loupe will show and you can drag the ending position. You will see the highlighted text as selection. You can press “Copy” or “Cut” from the tool bar. The selected content will be copied or cut and keep in the clipboard. You can always check what you have in the clipboard. Now you can tap anywhere in the text as inserting position and press “Paste” to insert the content.

We have included some simple instructions in the Readme document which contains both English and Chinese.

3. reddevil - March 5, 2009

In the next release of Camera Suite, you should make it so that you can set the iphone to instantly e-mail all photos taken to a specified e-mail address. Plenty of people would be very interested in this application for personal, business, and professional use. It may also serve as security for the iPhone.

4. Corey - June 17, 2009

Cannot play videos on my video cache. Will crash. What can I do

naughtynuts - June 18, 2009

Commonly, crashing issues are caused by insufficient memory. Please check if you have completely closed Safari and Mail or not. This can be done by press and hold both Sleep(power) key and Home key together for 10 seconds. If this still not help, try to reboot the device.

Please send us more info:
1. OS version
2. Device model
3. Screen capture if applicable (Press Sleep key and Home key together and you will hear a camera shutter sound. Then the screen will be saved in Camera Roll)

5. JG - July 4, 2009

i just bought your camera suite app and it doesn’t work on my 3GS, timer gets stuck in preparing preview then shows a warning “Cannot load timer view”, help please.

naughtynuts - July 7, 2009

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused. A compatibility patch version was updated and waiting for Apple’s approval. Normally, it should be available in 7 to 10 days. But frankly we cannot confirm you the date since it may take some time for Apple to approve so many application patches for 3.0.

We hope you can wait for a while since we also include some new features with the patch including:
– Enhanced review speed
– Background photos saving
– Shorten minimal Time-phase interval to 5 sec

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