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Beijing 2008 Olympic Helper

*** This app have been removed from the App Store. If you are interested to have similar apps providing mapping info, please refer to our Paralympic 2008 Helper. Contact us for more info. ***


“One World One Dream” – this is the moto for Beijing2008 Olympics Games.
After the Olympic games, it should be decommissioned. However, we deem this is still a useful tour guide for those visiting Beijing. Therefore, we keep it available on the App Store.
It is very easy to use and yet very helpful if you are visiting Beijing for this event.
First of all, go to iPhone Settings first. There is a setting for GPS to be enabled for iPhone users. iPod Touch has no GPS and thus is not applicable.
Version 1.1 is avaiable on the App Store.
Enhancements on version 1.1:
  • easier use of venue selection – the rolling picker will not just jump to the position as you stop rolling. A dialogue is added to ask if you want to jump or you can cancel and remain at your current position.
  • better navigation experience – after selection of venue, there will be animated movement to move the map from your current location to the final location.
  •  A legend is added to shown or hide from the screen. Moreover, this legend space is transparent and will not stop you moving the map.

1. Main Menu

This is the main screen, very clean. Simple is good, right? Choose the item to go to next screen.

2. Map Navigation

For Beijing Map, you can drag on the map to move around yourself or you can use “Venues” or “Games” buttons to quickly locate the target location. You can always show or hide the legend.
If you choose Venues, you can pick the venue to jump to directly.
If you do not recall the venue but only the game, tap the Games button and get the list of venues holding the competition.
After you located the venue, a pin is added to the map as indicator, you won’t miss it.
You can double tap the venue on the map to check details of the venue.
The details contain the venue’s picture and a playback on how to speak in Chinese Putonghua.  You can also check the latest schedules from Internet from here.

3. Spot Me

If you are using iPhone3G and your network operator supports GPS, you can tap the Spot Me button to find your location. When your location is found, it will be indicated with a blinking icon on the map. 
i) to save your valuable battery, it will not track on your location if you moved around. You will need to spot again for a new location.
ii) this app only covers the Beijing area in this map. If your are not located in this map, you will get a warning.

4. Schedule and Medals

You can always check the latest schedules, results and medals list from the official web site.

5. Emergency phone numbers

Since it is emergency, just tap the button to dial the numbers right the way. No need to call up your memory nor search your notepad.
Disclaimer: This is an unofficial helping tool for visiting Beijing 2008 Olympics Games. The information provided in this app is already the best accurate at the time of release. However, these information may be changed from time to time by the organizing committee without notice, which may not only cause inaccuracy but also cause malfunction in this app. This application is only intended as a assistant tool and the author is not responsible for any damages caused by any non-performance of functionalities nor inaccurate information.


1. ToMiKoN - August 24, 2008

Very nice application! Thanks!

Are you planning to make a Paralympic version? I go to Beijing next month to watch the it. It would help me a lot to get around in the city!

2. naughtynuts - August 25, 2008

Thanks for your compliment. I am sorry we are quite busy for other projects at the moment and the time is tight. We will try our best to see if we can squeeze some time on this project.

Since it may take latest one week time to get on the App Store, it may be a bit late even we manage to deliver that. Also we will charge a nominal fee ($0.99-1.99) to cover the cost for this one. Hope this will be helpful to you.

3. ToMiKoN - August 25, 2008

Nice to hear that!

I red on the net that iTunesStore is blocked in China at the moment. So i hope i can downloaded at there. Because i already leave the 1st of september.


4. naughtynuts - August 27, 2008

Hi ToMiKon, we have just posted the new version to App Store for review. Please have a quick preview here

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