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Chinese Input Code Dictionary 輸入法字典

輸入法�典icon產品資訊 Product Information 

This application is design for all people learning the traditionally most common Chinese Input Methods like Chang Jie (倉頡) or Pinyin (拼音).

When you forget how to enter the Chinese character on PC or Mac, you can use this tool to quickly find the correct code. iPhone OS interface provide the best platform for looking up the correct input code for target character. Unlike traditional method, which you have to lookup a dictionary by using the number of strokes or the component indices. Now using this tool, you can simply write the character and find out the code.




這個工具的目的是從另一個方向去幫助大家快速地查找輸入碼。iPhone OS 提供了便利的手寫輸入,任何繁簡字,只需iPhone或iPod Touch能辨識,就可以找到對應的輸入碼。 對老


這一版本現提供以下輸入碼對照 ﹣倉頡三代 ﹣倉頡五代 ﹣拼音 ﹣粵音

希望各位如果有任何建議或要求支援,請email 至support@naughtynuts.net

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使用說明 User Guide

主畫面 Main Screen

screen sample 2

This application has a very simple look and feel. There is a search bar at the top. One can simple tap on the search bar and the keyboard will pop up for user input the character. Normally, you will use chinese handwriting keyboard to enter the character. The search bar supports more than one character input. You may build phrases to search together at once (though we suggest you to enter less than 15 chracters). When you finish entering the characters, tap the “搜尋” button to get the result.


screen sample 1For example, you may enter the Chinese sayings “面目全非” . In case if you write the wrong character, you may simply push the delete button to delete the last entered character. Or you can even press and hold on the search bar to open an magnifying glass to move the cursor to the editing character. Yes, these operations are exactly the same as standard iPhone operations.

Once you press the “搜尋” button, you will get the result as shown here. Please note that the difference of  “面” and “非” between ChangJie 3rd vesion(倉頡三代) and 5th version (倉頡五代). MS Window system will use 倉頡三代 while Mac will use 倉頡五代. 

Please write to us if you find any problem or want to give us any suggestion.



1. Chinese Input Code Dictionary (輸入法字典) is available on AppStore « Naughty Nuts Mobile Solution - December 26, 2008

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2. David Wong - February 18, 2009


3. Wade Gregory - July 10, 2009

Hi – this is a fantastic app. It really fills a niche, especially for people like me learning Chinese and trying to learn different input methods.

Could you please consider adding the codes for Wubi 五笔 input? I’m always looking up online how to write something in wubi, and would find this feature FEICHANG useful!

Keep up the great work.

naughtynuts - July 13, 2009

Thanks Wade. We will look into this direction in next version. But for the moment, we may put our priority to publish another title for learning ChangJie input, which is quite commonly used in Traditional Chinese market. I hope you will also enjoy that when it is available

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