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Christmas Phone

Christmas Phone iconProduct Information 

This is the 4th title of our iPhone Vivid Dialing Theme series. Now with this application, you can decorate your Christmas tree or your house on your iPhone.

We have converted the keypad numbers to colorful flashing light bulbs. All you need to do is to take the best shot of your subject, and stick the light bulbs to it on the screen!



Enjoy with your friends and family for the very Christmas.

Demo video

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User Tips

Since the usage of the keypad screen is really straight forward, so we do not repeat here. Here are some useful tips for other functions:

Customize background


  1. Recent Out and Most Called are recording the call history for quick redial. It’s operation is the same as other Vivid Dialing Themes. Please check here for more details.
  2. You can change the background in the about tab where you will find a “Customize Wallpaper” button. You can take a new photo from camera or from saved photo.
  3. If you want to change the background music, you will need to go to the general iPhone Settings, scroll down to the “Xmas Phone” row and tap for details. There you can select to switch on/off  or select preferred Background Music (BGM).
  4. screenshot-20081213-032928


Feel free to write to us for suggestions or problems



1. Christmas Phone is now Available on AppStore « Naughty Nuts Mobile Solution - December 22, 2008

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