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Dragon Notes 遊龍錄事

Dragon Notes IconThis is a text editing application with Chinese Input support.appstore badge


  1. Groups management of text documents
  2. Searching of documents
  3. Copy and Paste of document content
  4. Search and Replace in document content
  5. Undo and redo of edited text.
  6. Chinese input method (ChangJie and JianYi)


  1. 文件管理分類
  2. 本文搜索
  3. 本文內容剪貼
  4. 本文內容搜索和替代
  5. 本文內容復完和取消復完
  6. 倉頡/簡易輸入


Dragon Notes - ChangJie Input 倉頡輸入Dragon Noes - JianYi Input 簡易輸入Dragon Notes - Copy and Paste



1. Tim - February 3, 2009

The app is cool for HK people. But the app’s logo and some interfaces need more attractive.

2. Joyer - February 5, 2009

Would your ChangJie and JianYi input methods also support input to other iPhone applications in I install your Dragon Notes?

naughtynuts - February 5, 2009

ChangJie and JianYi keyboards are not built-in keyboards and therefore will not be accessible by other applications due to SDK limitation.
However, we will enable the built-in EMOJI keyboard which is locked up only for use in Japan. Once you have unlocked the feature, you may use in all applications on iPhone 2.2 or above. Be reminded you may not see the correct image if you send the content to other phone or PC which cannot read EMOJI.

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