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Product Information (Support Page here)

Main screen

Ghosto! is a funny tool for making funs with your friends. You can ask your friend to take a photo in a party. And…, wow, he/she will see “things” in the picture. Little ghosts float in and out the pictures. They will reveal or hide themselves.


You can edit them and move them around in the photo. After you have satisfied with your works, you can save it and shared it with your friends over Flickr and forward the email.


The following features are included in version 1.0:

  1. You can take fresh photo from the camera or retrieve from existing photos in iPhone/iPod Touch; 
  2. You can edit the photo and the figures directly using multi-touch gestures.
  3. You can share the edited photo, or even anyone in library, to Flickr and send to friends;
  4. Simple to use and demonstration animation included in context help; very intuitive;
  5. You can customize wallpaper and background color of the app.

Current version supports English and Traditional Chinese.


User Guide

Main Screen

The major controlling buttons are positioned at the bottom of the screen.

Main screen

Main screen

The background color and wallpaper can be changed and you may refer to the Settings section below.

Edit Screen

When you have taken a fresh photo or selected from photo library, you will go to the Edit screen. And now you would find little ghosts floats around in your picture. 

Ghosto edit screen

Ghosto edit screen

How to Edit

You can find context help to show short animations on the different kinds of gesture to edit the little spirits.

Tutorial for Ghosto! edit

Tutorial for Ghosto! edit

How to share/upload

Currently, we are supporting uploading to Flickr. You can select directly from the photo library or you can edit a photo and then upload. When you tap the share button, it will bring up the Share screen

This is the share screen

This is the share screen

For the first time to share/upload, you have to login to Flickr and authorize Ghosto! to upload to your account. You can modify a switch in iPhone General Settings to keep the authorization token or not. If you keep the token, you will not need to login to Flickr and authorize again. Otherwise, Ghosto! will forward you to Flickr login every time.

For Flickr upload, you can set details as above, and then just one more tap to upload.

For Flickr upload, you can set details as above, and then just one more tap to upload.

Before you tap the upload button, you can fill in some descriptive information of the photo. You can set the title, description, different tags and to choose who to share with. If you choose share to public, share to friend/share to family will be off. On the other hand, if you choose share to friend or share to family, share to public will be deactivated.  You can share to both friend and family. Once you uploaded, you will not be able to modify the info.

After you successfully uploaded, it will give you the url of your photo. You can sent this hyperlink to your friend right the way by tapping the mail button. There are preset messages you can modify in settings.

Note: This application will not intervene your Flickr login information. You have to login on a browser and then authorize Ghosto! to write to your Flickr profile. Optionally, you can choose to grant this right every time or let Ghosto! to store the authorization token and reuse next time. You may revoke this authorization whenever you want on Flickr web site. This setting can be toggled in the iPhone’s settings app.


You can access the following Settings screen from Home -> General Settings -> Ghosto!


Ghosto! settings

Ghosto! settings



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help my won’t work

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