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Ghosto! support FAQ


There are a few reported problems on using the application. First of all, we are sorry if you encountering the problem. Here are some preliminary checklist hints:


  1. Check the settings – make sure your installation is correct and the settings are there. Normally you should see all these items.
  2. Sync from iTune again – is there anything incomplete during the last sync from iTune? Check once more.
  3. Restart your iPhone or iPod Touch – well, this is a refresh on the memory of the system.
  4. Capture the screenshot by pressing both the home button and the power button.
  5. It is known that the Safari and Mail used a lot of memory even running in the background. You may force these apps to quit to release memory. First open these apps and then press and hold the Home button for 10 sec. The program will then exit and you may now run our app again. 


If the above procedures cannot help you, please send to our support mailbox support@naughtynuts.net.  To make us better serve you, please send along with the following information:
  • What action taken to repeat the problem?
  • What kind of machine using (iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPod Touch)?
  • What is the memory version/ OS level [Settings -> General ->About -> Version]?




1. leonard - November 10, 2008

hello app. Maker ,here are somethings that I think will make ghosto better, 1)resize: can you guys make a resize bar, because it’s hard to resize with fat fingers. 2) can you guys make a rotation tool. P.s. I love useing ghosto, I hope one day there will be a PC version of ghosto!! Q(^_^)O

2. naughtynuts - November 10, 2008

Thank for your support and suggestions, Leonard. You raised good points. We will study carefully and I hope to see if we can fit into the upcoming versions.

3. Mike Powers - November 24, 2008

Is it possible to use photoshop to create other items that can be overlaid? Maybe you could make an editor that would allow a user to create his own images to be overlaid?

Mike Powers

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