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Paralympic 2008 Helper

Product Information

After the impressive Olympic games 2008 was successfully completed, the Paralympic 2008 is coming. Are you ready to visit Beijing?

This is a helpful tool for visitors to attend the event in Beijing in this September. It provides features as below:

This App is now available on the App Store.

Supports English, Simp. Chinese, Trad. Chinese

User Guide

1. Main Menu

Wow, this is much more impressive than its predecessor – Beijing2008 Helper, we like it. Just press the item you wanted to go.
Main Menu

Main Menu

2. Paralympic2008 Map

2.1 Navigation

For Paralympic2008 Map, you can drag on the map to move around yourself. You can always press the “Legend” button to show the legend, or press the “Hide” button to hide the legend. The pop-up legend is semi-transparent and you still can see the underlying map, and as well, it will not stop you dragging the map.

Paralympic2008 Map

Paralympic2008 Map

2.2 Find the venue

You can use ”Venues” or “Games” buttons to quickly locate the target location on the map. If you choose Venues, you can pick the venue to move the map to the location directly.
If you do not recall the venue but only the game, tap the Games button and get the list of venues holding the competition. There is an enhancement to display the truncated text such that you can read the full description before you select “Go!” button.
Select a Venue

Select a Venue

After you located the venue, a pin is added to the map as indicator, you won’t miss it.

2.3 Venue Details

You can double tap the venue on the map to check details of the venue. It will also display if you search for it from the “Venues” or “Games” button.
Venue Details

Venue Details

The details contain the venue’s picture and a playback on how to speak in Chinese Putonghua. You can show it to the taxi driver for where you are going. You can also check the latest schedules on particular game from Internet by pressing the pictogram. If you press the information button (“i”), it will go to the Internet and shows you details of the venue.

Important note: These individual schedules may be changed from time to time in the official web site. Just in case if it is changed and the url on the web is different, we have left a configuration in settings for you to relocate the new url. We will post the updated link on this web site. Please come back to check if you encounter problem.
In case if you modified it by accident, please ensure the following settings are correct:
Paralympic2008 Settings

Paralympic2008 Settings

Schedule URL = http://en.paralympic.beijing2008.cn/upload/PG_Schedule_080722/%@.xls

中文賽程網址 (Chinese only)=http://paralympic.beijing2008.cn/upload/paralympic/%@.xls

2.4 Spot Me

If you are using iPhone3G and your network operator supports GPS, you can tap the “Spot Me” button to find your location. When your location is found, it will be indicated with a blinking icon on the map.
Spot Me located

Spot Me located

i) to save your valuable battery, it will not track on your location if you moved around. You will need to spot again for a new location.
ii) this app only covers the Beijing area in this map. If your are not located in this map, you will get a warning.

3. Schedule and Medals

You can always check the latest schedules, results and medals list from the official web site. At the time of release, the “Results” and “Medals” web pages are not ready, but the tool is ready to trace the availability.
Schedule, Results and Medals

Schedule, Results and Medals

4. Useful Contacts

Since it is emergency, just tap the button to dial the numbers right the way. No need to call up your memory nor search your notepad.
Useful Contacts

Useful Contacts

Ticketing hotline, tourist hotline, Embassies information and Official web sites are also included for handy access.
This is an unofficial helping tool for visiting Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games. The information provided in this app is already the best accurate at the time of release. However, these information may be changed from time to time by the organizing committee without notice, which may not only cause inaccuracy but also cause malfunction in this app. This application is only intended as a assistant tool and the author is not responsible for any damages caused by any non-performance of functionalities nor inaccurate information.

Beijing2008 Olypmic Games logo and Beijing2008 Paralympic Games logo are registered marks of The Beijing Organizing Committee for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad (BOCOG)


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