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Surprise? Gotcha!!!

Are you looking for some Halloween surprises to your friends? Or going to propose to your girl-friend or boy-friend? Or planning a surprise birthday party? You gonna get this app.


This is a naughty app which pops up some surprise, either happy or scary, to target person from a trap screen. You can change the content and message to be displayed.

How to play:


  1. First setup the trap.
  2. Set the device to power saving mode.
  3. Find an excuse to ask the target friend to unlock the device and open an app.
  4. When the target tap the screen, whoa! the surprise pops up!
  5. After a while, a message pops up words you want to tell your friend, such as “Gotcha!!!” or “Will you marry me?”


Just 3 steps to setup the trap:


  1. Choose the trap screen. You can choose from the built-in screen for iPhone and iPod Touch, or create your own.
  2. Choose the surprise content. You may choose from built-in animated sequences or create your own static surprise photo.
  3. Set the message text content and how to display. Use your imagination and make a lot of funs with your friends.


Important reminder:



Main Screen

Setup Trap Screen

Setup Content

Setup Message

Play the Trick!

Triggered Surprise



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