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The Dialing Cat

Has you cat ever play around with your old phone? Now she will turn her eyes on the new toy.

This is the first app of the NaughtyNuts iPhone Theme Series.

The dialing cat is naughty and yet helpful. She will mock you moves and press the buttons. And she even dial for you from contact list or from your recent calls. 

It is a rich featured app:


  1. A “Copy cat” who follow your actions and press the buttons.
  2. The cat will “talk” when she dials.
  3. Contact list, Recent calls, Favorites calls integrated (note the last 2 functions are calls dial through the app).
  4. Recent calls and Favorites calls pages are designed to one click selection. So no need to look around.
  5. Different wallpaper included.
  6. A bonus movie is included.
  7. Sound on/off, minimum calls filter in Favorites, preferred wallpaper can be changed in iPhone Settings.


Suitable for all ages and people with asthma or sensitive to feline

  • Turn off the Meow sound when you use it at night, otherwise you will gather a group of cats in your backyard.
  • This app will not intercept incoming calls nor the records, these are not accessible from third party apps. Thus the recent list and favorites list will not display any incoming records or caller id.
  • If you dislike cat, do not buy it. We will have other choices for you soon.


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