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Dragon Notes 遊龍録事 will soon be available on App Store January 21, 2009

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Dragon Notes Large Icon

We have submitted our latest apps to Apple. This is our third application with a focus on Chinese. This is a text editing tool with rich features, which helps to manage, edit and manipulate text documents on iPhone. 

Main features are Copy and Paste, Search and Replace, Undo and Redo, ChangJie Input and Emoji input.

Some explanation on Chinese naming:遊龍録事(yóu-lóng-lù-shì)

龍 is Dragon, and 遊龍 refers to freely playing around dragon. 録事 is pronounced similarly to Notes and is referring to recording things. The symbol at the center is ideograph of Dragon in Chinese Zhou Dynasty.

Here are some preview screens:

Dragon Noes - JianYi Input 簡易輸入Dragon Notes - ChangJie Input 倉頡輸入Dragon Notes - Emoji InputDragon Notes - Copy and Paste


Camera Self-Timer reviews December 4, 2008

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Here we’ve got some review on the net:

This App is so awesome…. by Sleek iPhone

… NaughtyNuts brings their camera timer application to the App Store chalk full of features… by AppCraver


… and yet these are reviews for previous version of the the Camera Self-Timer. More funs can be adopted with the latest time-lapse features. We will soon share some of the tips and ideas provided by our customers.

Camera Self-Timer 2.0 Updated December 4, 2008

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We have launched version 2.0 for Camera Self-Timer and is available on the app store now.

Main screen 1

With the enhanced user interfaces and sounds, we have included new features just to name a few here:


  • Photo-taking aids (leveling gauge, grids, capacities)
  • choices of photo size
  • time lapse photos
  • and other minor updates

Our samples updated in product’s page